ESXI Host Networking Migration PowerCLI Script

Here’s a quick script for migrating ESXI vSwitch/Port Group/VMK Host settings from one host to another that I wrote today. Many improvements to be made, only the first draft.

#Migrate ESXI Networking settings between hosts
#Nick Shores - 11/11/16
#tested on ESXI 6.0 and 5.5
$ErrorActionPreference= 'silentlycontinue'
connect-viserver vcenter-fqdn.local
#source host
$source = "esxi-host.local"
#destination host
$destination = "esxi-host.local"
#Gather Information
$vswitch = get-vmhost $source | get-virtualswitch
$pg = get-vmhost $source | Get-VirtualPortGroup
#Examine and create new vSwitches
ForEach ($switch in $vswitch){
$MySwitchName = $
$MySwitchNic = $switch.nic
#create new vswitch
write-host "creating new vswitch - $MySwitchName"
new-virtualswitch -VMHost $destination -Name $MySwitchName -nic $MySwitchNic |out-null
#examine port groups
    foreach ($group in $pg){
    $PGName = $
    $PGVLANID = $group.vlanid
    $vSwitchName = $group.VirtualSwitchName
    write-host "checking $PGNAME"
    #Check if PortGroup is for Virtual Machines
    if ($group.port.type -notmatch "host")
    write-host "$PGName is a Virtual Machine Port Group"
    #check to see if it already exists
    $pgcheck = Get-VirtualPortGroup -VMHost $destination -Name $pgname
    if ($pgcheck.Name -ne "$pgname"){
    write-host "Creating $pgname"
    get-virtualswitch $destination -Name $vSwitchName | New-VirtualPortGroup -Name $PGname -VLanId $PGVLANID | out-null
    else {
    #port group is a vmk or empty port group
    write-host "$PGname is a VMK"
    $vmklookup = Get-VMHostNetworkAdapter -vmhost $source | where-object {$_.portgroupname -like "$pgname"}
    #create new VMK -- Uncomment to use
    #new-VMHostNetworkAdapter -vmhost $destination -ip $vmklookup.ip -mtu $vmklookup.mtu -SubnetMask $vmklookup.SubnetMask -PortGroup $vmklookup.PortGroupName -VirtualSwitch $group.VirtualSwitchName
write-host finished



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