Updating Pulse Secure Connection Profiles with PowerShell

Are you using a Pulse Secure VPN Appliance and need to roll out a connection profile update to clients, but don’t want to reinstall them all using MSI’s and command line parameters? Then you’ve come to the right post!

I recently encountered a situation where I had a need to update the connection profiles on a large number of clients using a Pulse Secure Appliance. According to documentation and a forum post, this isn’t possible to do programmatically. After doing a little research, I wrote a script that will do the following.

1. Confirm that your Pulse Preconfiguration file is accessible from the client’s location.
2. Check for an active VPN connection. If it’s active, the file will be copied locally before the connection is broken.
3. Read the local connection database (connstore.dat) and remove each existing connection.
4. Import your custom pulse configuration and start the client again.

Here’s the full script — Hope you find it useful!

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7 thoughts on “Updating Pulse Secure Connection Profiles with PowerShell”

  1. Rusty Shackleford

    Thank you for this! Works well to clear out and set the Connection list as part of the Pulse Secure client upgrade process. Using jamcommand.exe on its own after a client upgrade seemed to be hit or miss as far as how long it took to restore the Connection list, and added a new entry every time the client got upgraded. Would eventually have many duplicate entries doing it that way.

    Pulse’s whole end-user client setup is pretty poor when compared to Cisco AnyConnect, which just relies on a single default.xml file to set your connection and stays in place through client upgrades, etc.

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