Using Azure Runbooks to automate scale set operations with Powershell jobs

Azure Powershell runbooks are cool. I’ve been exploring using them as a way to avoid using a dedicated VM for running simple PowerShell Scripts in Azure. I have a group of instances that are running from a dedicated Scale Set that I need to reboot nightly. It’s pretty easy to get this going. You can import my PS1 runbook with the following cmdlet

Import-AzureRmAutomationRunbook -Path reboot_az_server.ps1 -ResourceGroup "ResourceGroup" -AutomationAccountName "AutomationAccount" -Type Powershell

If you don’t have the the AZ Powershell module – you can easily install it with this snippet:

if ($PSVersionTable.PSEdition -eq 'Desktop' -and (Get-Module -Name AzureRM -ListAvailable)) {
    Write-Warning -Message ('Az module not installed. Having both the AzureRM and ' +
      'Az modules installed at the same time is not supported.')
} else {
    Install-Module -Name Az -AllowClobber -Scope CurrentUser

If you don’t want to do that, Simply launch the Azure Cloud Shell and import the runbook with that. If you need to grab the script, you can use invoke-webrequest

Invoke-WebRequest -
OutFile reboot_az_server.ps1

You can successfully make sure it’s imported by using get-azautomationrunbook:

S /home/it> Get-AzAutomationRunbook -ResourceGroupName $rg -AutomationAccountName $automation_account | select Name,CreationTime

Name                           CreationTime
----                           ------------
reboot_rds_nightly             7/6/2020 8:42:46 PM +00:00

PS /home/it>

After it’s imported, run it with

start-azautomationrunbook -name reboot_az_server -ResourceGroupName -$rg -AutomationAccountName $automation_account

If the script has output, such as mine, you can view the output like so:

$rg = 'automation'
$automation_account = 'automation-account'

$azjob = Get-AzAutomationJob -AutomationAccountName $automation_account -ResourceGroupName $rg | select -First 1
$azjoboutput = (Get-AzAutomationJobOutput -ResourceGroupName $rg -Stream Output -Id $azjob.JobId -AutomationAccountName $automation_account | get-AzAutomationJobOutputRecord).value
PS /home/it> $azjoboutput.value
Connection count is 1

Here’s the complete script below. It will do the following –

  • Find a scale set (currentley it only supports one in an acount)
  • For each scale set, find all the running instances.
  • Restart that instance and write-output a notice about what was done.

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