Checking your snail mail with Python/Docker and Slack. (Part 2)

Packaging Python scripts with Docker

In Part 1 of this post I covered the creation of the initial MyUsps notification script. There’s quite a few dependencies in the environment required for running this script. At a bare minimum you will need a functional Linux or Windows environment with the following dependencies

There’s some challenges getting all of these things to work well together. It’s also very difficult to keep all of these applications in sync and distribute a working installation script to allow users to clone your environment.

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Checking your snail mail with Python/Docker and Slack. (Part 1)


Recently I became aware of a service for USPS called “Informed Delivery”. This service will allow you to view mail items coming to your physical mailbox before they arrive, as well as a get an email with the same information.

This is a very cool service but unfortunately there is no way to get push notifications about this information, or have any kind of notification at all besides a email that doesn’t allow for any customization, or even show all of your mail items. There are apps for various platforms, but they are simple webkit wrappers around the USPS website and have fairly terrible reviews.

Obviously we are going to need to automate this. I decided to use python to automate grabbing this information and making it more useful. Continue reading “Checking your snail mail with Python/Docker and Slack. (Part 1)”

Mass create VMWare Guests with PowerCLI

Need to create a bunch of VM’s at once in your VMWare vSphere environment? You can use the below script to do so. Just fill in the blanks in the $vmlist variable (A hash table in this case) to define the IP of the machine in question, as well as a corresponding name value. You will also want to modify the other values to fit your environment. Before running this you will also need to create a template VM to base your clone on, as well as creating a customization template.

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